Some changes…

It’s been a month into this year and it already feels like half the year has gone. In recap…


1. I spent quality time at home with friends and family.

2. Spent a bit too much in Selfridges

3. Didn’t change jobs but hoping it happens this week (cos I need to be back with my old boss).

4. Went out with a guy for three weeks

5. Dealt with stressed cats and an influx of horrible dogs in my zoo of a village

6. Decided that I would go to the West Coast for my next holiday (tips would be nice thanks).

7. Quit smoking, shagging and anything else that is naughty.


Reading the list, it aint exciting but it feels like it lasted for longer than a month (especially the dating bit). I have decided not to discuss said 3 week relationship in blog although it is great blog fodder. But if you follow me normally, you may be suprised to know that for once i went out with a nice bloke instead of an arsehole. And i became the arsehole. Not good.

Anyway moving on… i have had thoughts about moving house to change my life a bit. I do love where i live and all that but I saw a beautiful duplex apartment the other day and it got me thinking. The only problem was the location of the amazing duplex apartment. If there was a similar one in Jumeirah/Marina i would jump on it. But for now i am here with my new vintage looking cupboard and state of the art cat flap to get me smiling (it’s the little things).

The main change of course is the quitting smoking. It was easier to quit this time and with less side effects. It kinda of helped that i put on the wrong patch and had 20mg on my arm rather than 15mg or 10mg which is what i should have been on. I might have the odd puff at night but i hate doing it so for all intents and purposes I have quit. The other naughty things which i have quit on are not intentional and I would be very happy to start them up again sooner. Very soon.

I was going to write a blog about television but that would have been more torturous than this update blog. But then again  I do watch a lot of tv, I am sure I could educate a lot of you on the merits of The Office USA, Modern Family, The Daily show and how I am going to start on the Killing….

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