NYE 2012

This year has been better than the last few years.

The main thing was I cleared my debt although the shits who stole my money didn’t repay me. (yep still bitter and still waiting to seek revenge). Also finally got acknowledged for my hard work at company and now being paid as a solicitor should. Then they demoted me. But im less fussed by that as I get more time for a life again.

Bad news was my lack of a stable loving relationship again this year. I had a relationship of sort but it was negative, hurtful and depressing. Luckily out of that and got my mojo back.

Good news was that after the above, I found I’m still fanciable and had good times which was an ego boost.

So for 2012

Changing jobs within company to do compliance more than legal. Means I get to be bossy and travel the world being bossy. With job I get to help company grow into something stable and exciting. Also get to keep doing intellectual property which I love.

Bought my dream bags this year and nespresso machine so 2012 will be about travelling and saving for my own property. It’s time now that I am debt free to start investing in my future.

With regards to relationships, I have asked for family to stop looking for a Muslim bloke for me to marry. The men I get introduced to are ignorant arrogant and freaked out by independent strength. I can’t take anymore rejection from these inferior backward twats. I want to look myself and hope that I’ll meet someone on the same wavelength as me. I dont want much – love, respect and not much arguing with a huge dollop of travelling and exploring together. I want to be happy. Not much to ask for really.

Dubai has been my home for 6 years now and I don’t see that changing for now. I can’t come home to the uk as the market is so dead for lawyers and it’s just not the right time to move. For now I’m going to see more of the middle east like Beirut and make most of my “home”.

I would say I would stop smoking but I can’t guarantee that. But I need to be less curvy and more healthy again which is a mission as soon as back in Dubai.

So no resolutions but hope for changing and growing up in 2012. Inshallah all will be fine.

Happy new year to all of you and thanks for reading my blogs this year. Appreciate the support.

Xxxx shel

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