Being curvy

If you didn’t read the Saturday Times magazine this weekend, you would have missed the article about plus-sized women that are taking over the world of fashion and modelling in a big way. The thought is that due to the recession, the fashion industry is waking up to the fact that the major buyers of clothes, will be women who aren’t size 0 but rather size 14 and above.

I have been thinking about my own size recently. Last year I was a slim size 12 bordering on size 10 (this is all UK sizes btw) which was due to my two personal trainers and the crap gym conglomerate who will be known as FF. Due to reasons previously blogged I had to cut out the personal trainers. The personal trainers forced me to exercise which is one of my pet hates in the world. However, due to my job and my busy social life, I no longer have time to exercise. This means I have returned back to size 12/14, which has been the norm for me since I was a teenager.

Whilst I am not happy about the flabby tummy, my life is better especially when it comes to men. More men have dated me or seduced me and my mojo is back. My mojo was practically non existent when I was thinner. This might seem strange, but it is true. Does this mean that I am more appealing to the opposite sex when I have full cheeks and a tummy showing under my clothes or is it just a coincidence. I recalled my past experience when I was in my twenties. I was mostly thinner during that time, but also lonely and without men in my life, most of the time.

The realisation that being my natural weight is more appealing, that maybe its best not to fight it and just retain it, is a relief. Of course, I should start doing sit ups again, so that the tummy goes down a bit (as those M&S knickers are bloody uncomfortable to wear which is supposed to squeeze all your fat in) and exercise a bit for fitness sake, but the rest of me all tits and arse can stay as it is.

If you didn’t read the article here it is in all its glory:…

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