What’s in a name?

Elizabeth has been my favourite name (after my own of course) since I was little girl. My dream is to one day have a daughter and call her the Spanish version of Elizabeth – Isabella (maybe her middle name as it’s not very Muslim).

I have been fascinated with various Elizabeth’s in history and in present time including the two Queens Elizabeth, Elizabeth Lemon (from 30 rock), Elizabeth March (Little Women) and of course Elizabeth Taylor.

Last month, we lost one of the last remaining movie icons – Elizabeth Taylor. I haven’t seen all her movies but the ones I saw enchanted, captivated and bewitched me each time I saw her on screen. Only two weeks ago I was on another Emirates flight and decided to watch Cleopatra instead of the new movies. The movie might be long and have some slight over-acting (ok more than slight) but her entrance in that carpet in a seductive manner, the voice and of course the costumes still mesmerized me.

I found out very young that Miss Taylor was a Pisces like me (and also the same height as me!). She had traits which I found were like mine (man-lover, green eyed monster, brunette stunner!). Whenever I was mad, bad or just plain stupid, I always thought in my crazy dream world head “hey that’s ok cos Elizabeth T is the same”. Is it healthy to think that way? Most probably not, but if you can make yourself believe you are like a movie star, where’s the harm??

She was treated like some nut nut job most of the time by the media and the general public but at the end of the day the woman was a fighter. Through all her much publicized relationships and illnesses she still was a strong lady. She held her own and with an amazing laugh. When her close friend Michael Jackson died, she was dignified in her grief providing a statement only. She did not want to be part of the circus that was his memorial and I admired her for that.

Along with Madonna, she brought worldwide recognition to AIDS and HIV. Without her tireless charitable efforts we wouldn’t have been as educated on the illness as we are now. She has raised over USD 250 million for research, raising awareness and helping to find a cure.

There are people that come into our lives be it in real life or on the silver screen. However, they enter your life, if they can affect you, educate you and enthrall you as much as this lady did then it is to be treasured.

May you be at peace now Dame Elizabeth.


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