Jenny’s back in the block!

There has been great sadness and trouble in 2011, but in between all this turmoil one woman has come to brighten up our lives.

J-lo is back!

You may not like her acting, you may think she can’t sing and you might think she has the worst taste in men, but I don’t care! She is back in all her blingtastic, from the Bronx attitude with a dash of baby baby spirit.

In recent years she has bombed with her rom-com movies. The baby from a sperm donor movie was shockingly awful and her new song aint that catchy (yep I still downloaded it) but she has redeemed herself with her motherly, strong performance on American Idol. Randy is dull and Steven is amusingly old rocker-like but she brings the show together with her positiveness, her tears, her honesty and her fabulous outfits.

After the crash of 2008 we have spiralled down to the toned down doldrums of nineties fashion. Jenny has decided to ignore that on each and every episode of Idol and blinged up like it was 2002 and you know what I love it. Have you seen the new ad campaign for Gucci with J-lo and her kids. It’s like so adorable, sexy and cool!



Of course there is another reason I love it that she is back in the spotlight – booty. I have a big booty and thanks to her the booty has gotten the respect it deserves thanks to her flaunting it for the last 10 years. Without her I wouldn’t have been able to wiggle it in front of boyfriends and not feel conscious that I weren’t scrawny arsed like Kate Moss.

Another reason for loving jenny is her songs. I love em and they remind me of times with my close friends. Get Right was played at irritably high amounts to my two best girlfriends in 2005 in New York. That song is so entrenched with that time in our lives that I had to add it to my mate’s wedding cd! Also she got the J-lo perfume to remind us of our times together. The power of J-lo!!!

Love her or hate her, who cares, lets just revel in the blingness of it all and forget all the greyness that is around us.

With love

Shelly from the other block…


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