The three L’s

Like = Mind

Lust = Body

Love = Soul

All three can work separately, but together, entwined, can topple Burj Khalifa in its magnitude. 

We get all three at different times but very rarely get all three at the same time.

Friends and one show I was watching (30 rock if you must know) have discussed about “the One” this week. It’s got me thinking – Is the One out there with all three components in him to satisfy me? Should I settle for someone who can provide at least one of the three componenets? I’m now at that stage in my life when I’m wondering if I should give up hope of finding that one perfect guy who can provide me with these three things in my life. But then I argue to myself, should I compromise? Don’t I deserve to have a guy who can give me love, lust and like all the time?? 

I have met the One. I met him more than ten years ago. He was my first love and to be honest, my only true love. However, times have passed; I’ve moved away, he’s married and has kids and I don’t want to be with him now. He was my soul mate, he was the One, but our soul’s were not mean’t to be together at this time in our life.

I believe there can be another One but I don’t know how long I can wait for him. Or have I met him already and just not realised he’s the One? 

Does the One come to you in different ways? I’m still in confusion land and its not getting any clearer in my head. Last week I thought there was light at the end of the tunnel, but situations keep on changing. I keep on changing my mind and I keep on hearing different things. Different advice, different views, different actions.

I have Like with one man and Lust with another man, but I don’t feel Love and it feels like that should be the most important component that should be in my life.Should I forget about both of them and wait for the One to come eventually into my life. It would be the easiest option, but I am loving the thrill of the game right now. For once I am feeling liked and lusted after. All parties are playing games and it’s fun. It’s not healthy but god dammit it feels good. But how long can it last for?

There are a lot of loaded questions tonight. Of course the answer won’t come tonight or tomorrow, but it’s something to think about…

2 thoughts on “The three L’s

  1. Ramy B. says:

    My grandma who had only seen her husband once before marrying him at the age of 16, told me once that she thinks Love come after Like (in other words). Like is good to start with, Love at first sight is a myth and if it is not, it is as rare as raw diamonds.

    I think Love is a result of Like + Lust (Lust being a natural desire that takes over you when you see your partner). Love cannot be speared from Like and Lust and it does not come in one form.

    Should you compromise? Hell, no! Should you change the way you look at things? Maybe!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do not compromise! The One is out there, and cliche’ as it sounds, you will know it when it happens without a shadow of a doubt. And it will all 3Ls rolled into one heady package 🙂

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