Being in London has been like your eyes being reopened after they have been hibernating during winter or like it was for Neo after coming out of the Matrix.

There is the hustle & bustle of people everywhere. They are travelling, shopping, talking, laughing, moaning but its all with a sense of individualism. No one dresses exactly the same. No one talks the same. There is culture, embedded history in so many buildings you pass and a sense that you are part of something big.

Its not like in Dubai were you can hear the same conversations in a cafe (maids, affairs, stupid english people being arrested again) or the same outfits being worn in carrefour and Mall of Emirates (forever 21, H&M, Zara). But you do feel like something big is going to happen in Dubai all the time (and usually it gets built!). 

What does this mean for me. Does this mean I should be in London and not in Dubai. After 5 years in Dubai, its not easy to like one city more than the other. Both cities are a part of my life and both cities have pros and cons within them.

I miss both when I am away from them. I am missing dubai right now such as the sun, my friends, my darling cat and my house. But I’m currently spending quality time with my parents, old close friends and shopping in primarni!

However, I have to say that I am grateful that I will be getting out of this country which has now been taken over by the tories.
This country is like a rerun of the 80s (with smart phones) – cold, tory enduring, recession suffering and full of dodgy outfits. All these things are back again this year! Coincidence or bad luck?
Let’s hope this country that I was born in and love won’t go to hell but if it does let’s hope the music is fantastic.

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