Delhi, Rape and Social Media

Dear Social Media bandwagon folk,

I note that you are showing your disgust at the gang rape recently. It is a heinous and disgusting crime and the culprits should be arrested and tried under the Courts in Delhi.

I have a question… how does your status updates on Facebook and Tweets/Retweets help bring justice and bring a change to the epidemic that seems to have hit this city.

Are you:

a. petitioning the State government to change the laws if required and to speed the process for dealing with rapists.

b. insisting that rape kits are available in all hospitals and clincs throughout the state and country. 

c. raising the need for all police forces to be trained and educated to deal with rape cases and educating them that no man should ever rape a woman ever. No matter how she dresses.

d. demanding the education of the public and especially men from a young age that rape is not acceptable and will not be condoned at any time.

e. telling the government to fund schools to have compulsory self defence classes for all female students

What are you doing exactly other than status update? There seems to be a lot of hot air blowing around and no proper action to resolve this issue. 

The same applies for any other country which seems to be acting ridiculously with regards to rape matters.

If there is a way to petition and/or try and do something to solve this matter please let me know.

Kind regards


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