The Book

A funny thing happened today … I bought a book. A paper book.



It’s been a while since I have bought a proper book. Like a lot of people I now buy e-books; due to convenience and pricing. This book caught my eye as I walked to the hidden lift that’s in this bookshop in dubai mall. I’m a big fan of the sartorialist and have often tweeted pictures from the site that I have adored. I knew the book was out but was not on my must have list but seeing this front cover (there are different covers for this edition of the book), it engaged me.

On picking up the book I saw the penguin symbol and my heart melted. Penguin books and I have had a long love affair from when I was a child. Their books seem to calm me, engage me and feel so nice to the hand.

The book has limited words but the pictures are sublime. I am reminded once again of the endless possibilities of people and style by seeing these pictures. In a city that is predominately one dimensional, I need a reminder every so often to show myself to not be like the others. My styling is typically classic but with random hints of craziness to remove me from being monotone.

The book is now read and resting on my coffee table but I predict it will be dog-eared in a few months time.

The beauty of a paper book…

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