Not OK!

A few weeks ago there was a royal wedding and me and my lovely mate went to Barasti bar to watch it (see link was high drama with the usual knob English people (mostly women) being rude and obnoxious and blocking the view of the screen with an umbrella but that was to be expected.

There was also an OK magazine photographer (who was indian). I remember him walking past us but not asking to take our photo. He took photos of all the British white looking people around us but thought nothing of it.

Anyway today in the hair salon I read the magazine as I do when bored and in a a hair salon, and noted that all the pictures consisted of White British people. I don’t blame the photographer as I sure he was given instructions to take pics only of the white people. What I blame are the arrogant racist people who edit the magazine and think that there are no coloured people from England who live in Dubai and were watching the royal wedding.

To make clear i don’t want or like being in any of these magazines in Dubai and don’t hunt down the photographers to take my picture like other people do, but it’s the principle!

How can you show such a limited demographic in your magazine and be so blatantly racist. England has such a melting pot of nationalities who were born and brought up there. Many have moved here and many watched the royal wedding. To ignore them is ignorant and arrogant.

It is even worse when you consider how much the English media highlighted everyone in the country embracing this special day – these people were of all colour, nationalities and cultures.

It’s funny that the same ideology is not reflected by english speaking magazines in this country who are mostly edited by British people!! I would hope the attitudes of the magazine would change but I dont see it happening very soon.

5 thoughts on “Not OK!

  1. Mita Ray says:

    On a serious note (don’t know how I missed this post earlier) but its quite possible that the editor said take photographs of English people and the photographer automatically thinks ‘white’ because he doesn’t know better!

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