The Travel Bug

Tonight I decided to pause the TV and ignore the laptops for a few minutes to read the latest Conde Nast Traveller which has been perching near me whenever I am at home hoping to be read. I have read half way through and already have daydreamed of hotels, destinations and restaurants to go to.

In summary so far – El Bulli is closing but the brothers extradionnaire are opening a new bar/restaurant in Barcelona which sounds amazing. I have never been to Barcelona and this gastronomic newcomer sounds like the ideal reason to go. Then there was an article about Finland. It sounds dark and foreboding but the Scandinavian countries appeal to me (you would fully know about this love affair with the “scandy countries” if you follow me on twitter :)).

The world is huge and although i have been to all the continents except South America there is so many places I still have to go. After my recent proper holiday after 2 years to Malaysia and Singapore the travel bug has returned with a vengeance. I want to travel, stay in lovely hotels and see the sights of the world in all its glory.

In the last five years of living in the MIddle East I have only travelled around the UAE and Syria (Damascus). It’s not only tragic but completely and utterly ridiculous behaviour by me! I have now decided that I will use all those holidays that weren’t used last year and got transferred to this year to be used for weekend sojourns to countries which are within four hours away from Dubai. This means I could stay at the newly restored palace in Hyderabad, meet my fellow twerps in Beirut, go skiing in Iran and see my nan in Kenya (and stop off in Mombasa). Now all I have to do is have a plan and see if anyone will join me on my trips.

Any volunteers, ideas on first destination, etc will be warmly welcome.

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