Nivea Haus


Today was a revisit to Nivea Haus in Dubai Mall for manicure and pedicure. I had one voucher i had to use to claim my free mani so thought why not go and drag blokey mate to get his feet sorted out in the men’s salon.

Nivea has a shop front which sells all their normal branded goods and some extras that you won’t get in the supermarkets. They also have very friendly, smiley staff at hand to help you out. Then you go to the back to the main reception for the salon. There is a man and woman’s salon (of course separate rooms). I have no idea what the men’s salon looks like but the two males friends who have been there for spa pedicures said when giving feedback that they love their feet after the pedicure and get to watch Jeremy Clarkson on TV for the hour and half session (it’s the little things with these men).

The women’s salon is nice and open with wooden floors and comfy swirley chairs to sit on while you get mani and pedi’s. As you would expect with a clinical brand such as Nivea, everything is in order, blue (including the uniforms and towels) or white (like the logo and the other towels). The ladies asked me what colour i wanted when my feet were in the floor sink being soaked. I said red so they brought me three options and bob’s your uncle i was sorted. Then you get asked if you want your nails  and cuticles cut, etc and you say, yeah or nah and do your usual thing. I like to consider myself a good customer. I don’t care how they get to the finished product but as long as my nails and body parts a good colour and i get a nice hand and leg massage in between i’m a happy camper. You will get in these nail salons hideous, spoilt women who will complain about everything, want everything and do my head in with their complaining. I usually take the piss out of these said annoying women with my nail technicians so they generally end up loving me.

Anyway back to the service. It was all good from my view. The ladies who served me were very friendly but didn’t try and annoy me with questions about my history. I got to read blogs from my fellow bloggers in peace while they got on with sorting my nails out. The leg massage by my nail technician, which is generally brief in most salons nowadays, was long and soothing. My legs needed that I tell ya.

The only negative was when the ladies asked if I wanted quick dry top coat. My answer was, of course. They then informed me it would cost me an extra 5 AED. To me this was ridiculous. 5 AED is roughly 1 quid! That’s a lot for having something that you get in any other salon for free. Plus they did it in a way that if you say yes, they give you the cost and then you say no, you look like a stingy cow. My good mood was slightly scarred by this money taking ordeal.

Anyway they did my nails, cleared up everything and then i sat there for another 30 minutes without being told to leave the chair, whilst waiting for bloke mate to finish his spa pedicure. I could have used the dryers but the chair was more comfy and I had my feet up, with quick dry drying my nails.

All in all a good experience. Nice, friendly, clean salon. No fuss. The only downer was the extra 5 AED but other than that two fingers up.

Rating: 3.5 (knocked of 0.5 cos they took my fiver!!)


2 thoughts on “Nivea Haus

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