The greatness of Robyn (part 1)

As you may know from my tweets and occasional blogs that I am a huge fan of Madonna, however that doesn’t mean I limit myself with my music taste. I was raised on a diet of music from the day I was born especially by my dad, which has meant that our home is not only full of 100’s of cd’s but also of vinyl, tapes and mini-discs (yep I got into that craze for a while). I love music and I love listening to singers and bands that are new, exciting and fresh to liven up my legal days and lonesome nights.

One artist who has been around for many years now has come back into my life in a big way recently. Robyn is a Swedish singer-songwriter who doesn’t conform to any box, but doesn’t have to dress wacky and make crazy arse videos to make a point.

All these years later and few airplayed songs, that you have most probably heard but not realized are by her (“Show me Love”, “With every Heartbeat”, “Konichiwa Bitches”), she has released two albums this year – Body Talk pt 1 and 2; with one more – Body Talk pt 3 – due out before the end of the year.

Body Talk 1 is straight to the point with “Don’t fucking tell me what to do”, “Dancing on my Own” (despite reports she didn’t sing this at the MTV Music award 2010 – she was singing Who’s That Girl – another brilliant song) and my favourite off this album “None of Dem”.

If you have not heard “None of Dem” I besiege you to download it immediately, put it on your ipod and listen to at full volume in your car. It is bloody brilliant. It makes me think of going around London in the summer with flip flops on and a city swagger. It’s Swedish ragga! To top it all off the song was co-written by those Norwegian geniuses Röyskopp (if you don’t have The Understanding by these guys I will faint in shock).

Another brilliant song on the album is “The Girl and the Robot”. I have to admit that I sound like I am the Robot right now (work work work), but the 70’s stylee electro-beats are mega and what you need to hear in your car really loud after leaving work (can you see a trend here with the car).

Body Talk 2 came out last month and I’m just digesting it into my soul. I’ll be back with my views on it very soon.

For now here is her version of another song that I have fallen deeply in love with this year “Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart”

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