Faith in Humanity

Recently something remarkable happened in the midst of losing Amira.

I had put up flyers in my neighbourhood regarding missing Amira including my mobile number. One day I got a call from a little girl saying she had seen my flyer and was going to go look for Amira. A few minutes later i got another call from her asking what were Amira’s normal haunts were so she could investigate that area first. Over the next few hours I got updates from the little sleuth until the evening – she called me to say she had to go for dinner but would continue searching the next day.

This little girl who could have been playing with her mates in the big play area had such a heart to go look for Amira. I was so touched by her kindness that I decided to call the mobile number in the evening to talk to her parents about her kindness.

In the evening I got through to the father of the little angel and thanked him for bringing up such a remarkable girl and to tell him what she had decided to do that day. You know what the man did; he gave me kind words of encouragement for finding Amira and said his family would continue to look for my little Amira. The little angel had learn’t kindness from a remarkable father.

The next day, the little sleuth called me to thank me for calling her dad!! I had to thank her. She was the one who showed such kindness. 

I never heard from her again (or ever met her) but that one day of kindness has touched me. In a city where kids normally are major spoilt horrible brats, it was refreshingly lovely to have a kid be so proactively kind.

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