Apartment move the social media way

Move day is upon us. The packers are packing whilst I watch. In my defence I packed a lot of stuff for the last few weeks or put into easy piles for them to pack so now I can rest until I get to unpack it all in new place.

As I have mentioned before the move from one place to another in Dubai is a new experience for me and has been (touch wood) not to painful.

The painlessness has been due to the use of social media, apps and my many mac products to assist from analysing new location to noting content of boxes. This is something I can’t was the norm a few ago.

On deciding to move I went to twitter to get ideas of locations and views. I didn’t look at the property classifieds in the newspaper as a first point of call. Whilst tweeting I reviewed the choices on dubbizle.com and got real time advice whilst trawling the net.

On querying it was decided the best options were Jumeirah village or motor city. Once I had seen a few locations in both places I then got further feedback on twitter and Facebook on the best place to move. The deciding factor for me was that close tweeps lived in motor city or nearby in Arabian ranches. Also motor city has grown into a pretty community with nearby amenities and of course the thought of living near a race track made my heart flutter.

Once decided and I had found the ideal apartment for me (1 bed on 1st floor so if kitties jump off balcony they won’t die just lose one of their nine lives – maybe) I had to locate packers.

Instead of scouring and meeting different movers I asked on twitter and tweep @toffeeprincess who had recently moved and done the comparison recommended Mexico Movers. For me any suggestion by her was going to be good for me so I called Rafi and got him to see my place within a day. Reasonably priced and efficient I had no doubts and was sorted. They are doing a marvellous job whilst I write.

The list of boxes has been added to Evernote which I can sync onto my iPhone later. I used a measuring app to measure the co-ordinates of the new apartment. Dubbizle.com has been used to try and sell my stuff.

I have updated my parents and friends on the move escapades and especially the moods of my two kitties via path. Ideas for new stuff for apartment has been thanks to pinterest and the fancy (both my new app fetishes).

The remarkable thing is that this all wasn’t possible 5 years ago. With the use of technology and a new way to communicate the decision to move to move day has been possible in a few short weeks with limited aggravation.

Admittedly we are lucky in Dubai that we can get cheap packers and movers to help with the move. But I also had the agent register me for DEWA and Emicool which is not normal.

If you live in Dubai the chances of losing your cool due to something so stressful as moving is highly likely but this hasn’t been the case for me and I think it’s due to use of social media and technology (as well as some good karma for once).

If you want details on Mexico movers and other information please let me know.

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