Change is coming

The time has come after 5 years to leave the place i have called home for a new place in the sandy land.

Most people would say its nothing new. People move all the time especially in this town but for me it’s a new concept. The last time I moved in Dubai was to move back to England. Then I moved back. Long story.

I have been my normal anal self and cleared the junk and prepared for the movers to pack and take my stuff to the new place. The decision to move to finding the place has been fast and the date of moving is coming closer.

I wonder if it’s a mistake but I know I need to change my life otherwise I will be stuck in a rut. Also my two cats and I have lost love with the garden we adore due to two huge loveable dogs that are too huge for us to appreciate.

One of my babies has been a traumatic mess for months and now it’s got to the point where she doesn’t come home except to eat every few days. I feel like a terrible mother not able to look after her and protect her. I’m hoping the calm food I have bought today will help her.

The other is hiding back in her favourite kitty hiding place – the laundry basket. She may be easier to move as I’ll just carry the basket to the new place.

I’m putting all my emotional baggage onto the kitty problems and hiding from the fact that I’m scared shitless. I didn’t feel like this when I moved countries so i have no idea why i’m being like this to move across town. Maybe as you get older, the harder it is to move out of your comfort zone. Or maybe I’m just being an emotional retard right now.

Whatever the issue I’m hoping it will get emotionally easier. And that my kitties go back to being “normal”.

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