The plane space

Isn’t it funny how you are stuck with random people in a plane for several hours. Sometimes it can be hell and sometimes it can hilarious.

My last flight to and from london was on virgin. The service was shit and the hosties were rude and they put me on a middle seat despite me booking an aisle seat months before. But I was lucky. I had an Irish boy and a Bristol man beside me making me laugh for the whole journey. We watched the same movie together and were rude to the hosties.

Coming back was another story. It was a night flight. I had a handsome quiet Irish man next to me. Throughout the flight we tried to sleep in our uncomfortable seats. Eventually I fell asleep on his back and we went to blissful sleep for a while. The man was a stranger. We had hardly spoken but in the skies we could sleep together and it wouldn’t be slutty or wrong.

When we woke being British I apologised for sleeping on him. He didn’t mind. He didn’t say much but his shy smile was enough.

We didn’t exchange numbers or talk much after. The moment had passed. However the bad flight had turned into a blissful time.

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