I should be rested and relaxed after my holiday but instead I’m very angry with my life right now.

The holiday was desperately needed after 2 years of working constantly with no break. I was at breaking point.

The start of holiday was tense as I couldn’t put on my out of office in case the CEO had a hissy fit and ordered me back to work. It meant that I had all and sundry emailing me demanding a reply immediately to stuff.

Once the out of office was put on that didn’t stop internal people from contacting me. In fact they seemed to think that I shouldn’t be on holiday and should adhere to their demands. I could ignore most of them but not easy all the time.

On top of that there was my assistant. As an assistant she was expected to hold the fort whilst I was away. Instead I watched her fuck up with one thing or another each and every day. She’s supposed to have a law degree and be smart. But she has no common sense and on top of that had a chip on her shoulder that she knows everything in her young age. Instead of being willing to learn and grow with my guidance she has continuously answered back, screwed up and been rude to me, outside counsel and in the company. I kept on thinking ok she’s young and naive she will grow out of it. But it has gotten worse and worse.

I remember when I was an assistant all those years ago that I was so quiet at the start that my boss was concerned. I just shut it, listened to her and she became and still is my mentor and friend after all these years. My assistant on the other hand believed that she could behave as she does and it’s fine. The end came the other day when between another fuck up from her and another annoying email from a woman who has to many expletives attached to her resulted in me losing my cool. Even with trying to reduce the fuck up to third parties the assistant thought she could send me rude emails. She had fucked up and I had to clear up the mess ad still she thought she had some right to tell me off!!! After a tense phone call she quit. It’s good in a way but I so wanted to fire her. Thanks to all this relations are now very strained with my boss and I as said assistant when crying to him and I’m the senior manager at work who loses her assistant! I’m so mad!!

What angers me as well is that I stupidly hired her even though I never met her. And also that I allowed her to stay for four months too long. She should have gone after the first two weeks. The irony is that the girl I wanted to hire who has no law degree but has been a saviour for me warned me about her immediately. And I didn’t listen.

So the last week of holiday was ruined by said assistant. Now I’m back in Dubai and due to the issues above I have started smoking a few cigs again which is upsetting me more.

Then to top it all off today I tried to have a spa pedicure which resulted in me losing it again. Armed with the new entertainer book I booked a spa pedicure at Kaizo beauty salon in Al Barsha. When I got there the girl said that she didn’t think my new voucher would be accepted as there had been a new manager since november 2010. I must point out that the new entertainer spa book came out April 2011!! Tell me what is wrong with the picture?? Then I find out that she has double booked me. So instead of having a spa pedicure in the special chair they got out a home spa old contraption for me to use. At that point I lost it and walked out. What is the point of booking and getting the voucher if the salon is going to act so ridiculous. So now I sit in a mall with a coffee trying not to smoke and blogging to vent. Maybe this will help the anger or maybe I should go shoot again at the shooting club again.

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