N style

Today I’m blogging from N-style moe. I didn’t used to be a fan as they had been rude to me previously. However with vouchers and the fact they are close to my home I had to try them out.

The place runs like clockwork. They have a proper system and it’s a full blown massive nail pampering factory. Over the few times I have been here the girls have been friendlier and this time they gave me the headset to watch tv (America’s got talent! – there is a bird with my name singing right now! Weird)! Also You get asked if you would like a drink after the second visit

So if you come here a few times the better the service. Or maybe it’s my luck.

So anyway the nails. As expected the nail technicians are technicians and know how to do their job. it’s all very mechanical like being in a nail factory but it’s all good if you get good nails at the end.

7/10 – good but not spectacular

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