You know that I’m no good…

Last night there were four major concerts happening in the UAE…. Eric Clapton (Abu Dhabi), RAKmatazz (some Indian thing – Dubai), Elissa and co (Lebanese singers – Dubai) and finally Amy Winehouse (Dubai Festival City).

I went to see Amy. It was a bad choice.


Here are the reasons:

  1. Amy Winehouse’s voice is not meant to be for open air hearing.
  2.  There were only two large speakers at the stage – in an open air venue!!
  3. The sound guy didn’t want to put her mic up, even though she’s got a quiet voice.
  4.  The sound stage bit (with the big Fred Perry sign on it) was too far forward and too wide meaning that most of the audience had to stand way back.
  5. The venue is shite and not well signposted – yeah we know where to park but what about where is it exactly??
  6. The venue was shite.
  7. The queue for alcohol was ridiculously huge. Considering it was Amy WInehouse and most of the audience was British, you’d think they would know that they need more alcohol stands.
  8. The food was overpriced as normal.
  9. Did I mention how bad the venue was??

There was a lot of booing but it was mostly from drunk men who didn’t want to be there in the first place and needed an excuse to lash out as they couldn’t lash out at their girlfriends/wives.

To be fair it wasn’t Amy’s fault. She kept on singing even with the boos and she looked pissed off and upset just as much as we were. I’m sure that there will be a huge backlash on her as she is an easy target, but the people to blame are the organizers and her management. They should have known what her voice and songs were like and chosen a better venue. She would have been more suited for one of the closed arenas like the Madinat Arena or even better Jambase or the Westin bar which plays jazz.

I went to Black Eyed Peas here five years ago at airport expo. That was horrendously bad; from the venue, the transportation and more importantly the group. They did not sing properly the whole time they were there. At least Amy sang her songs and tried to sing them so we could hear.

When the majority of the audience had left she played her more famous songs which we could actually hear (not loud but we could hear). With less of an audience, less of chatting and less of the booing it was actually quite good, but by then we were cold and fed up and just wanted to go home. 

Here is a video of what she is supposed to sound like in concert in a small venue with a smaller audience. So let’s just say she aint meant to be a big stage performer.

Next up on the concert timetable is Dubai Jazz Festival, 30 Seconds to Mars and finally Stevie Wonder. Lets hope it gets better.

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