Amrita spa – Raffles Hotel

Today I decided it was time for my every two month hair cut. Due to the thickness of the hair and laziness, going for a haircut is best not planned. I used to go to Maria Dowling and was a loyal fan for four years but due to the fact that you had to book so far in advance became painful when there is a lack of order in my life.

Then I decided in March to get the Entertainer book for pampering and start testing other hair salons. Not only would I get my next session for free also the cost would be less than Maria Dowling who is one of the most expensive salons in Dubai.

Today I looked in the book and decided to go for a bling salon to get my haircut. The venue Raffles Hotel, Amrita spa. The venue is lovely and very tranquil. I was a bit early so sat in the empty salon (no staff in there which was strange). Then after 10 minutes I was offered tea. Thought it was strange but said fine. What turned up was boiling water and a White box containing various types of herbal tea. Bit too healthy for me but what the hell. My choice was Moroccan nights as you can see:


The hairdresser was friendly and cute without being pervy. He had been in Dubai for 7 years so we could have a good ole rant about life here but also about why still remain here.

His bonus points came for listening to me and taking in what I wanted to be done to my hair. I only required a trim and layers cleaned up which is what I got. The blow dry was as well what I wanted. I don’t like it when my hair is straightened and curled at the end. He did it just as asked.

The cost for wash cut and blow dry was AED 319 which is pretty steep but luckily it will be half price thanks to my voucher.

If you want to spoil yourself in beautiful surroundings and be the only person in the salon this is the place for you.


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