Foodie blog – Yildiz Saray – Turkish

As a newly made entrepreneur and with an aim of saving money going out is now limited to non top brand expensive restaurants unless someone else is paying (Nobu would be nice if you’re offering). My friend is in the same boat so we decided to go to deepest darkest Deira (ok it was lit so not so dark) to go get some cheapish filling food. After reading my favourite foodie blogs in Dubai, we decided to try out Yildiz Sarayi.

The restaurant in the Concorde Hotel on the side and looks like a posh Arabic/Turkish restaurant. We sat in a booth which was nice and cosy. To call the waiter they had those call buttons on the table which was handy as you couldn’t see the waiters ever from where we were sitting.

The reviews had raved about Iskendar which i have not had in a long time and craved, so we decided to forgo any nibbles and order the mains of Iskender and Adana kebap along with some fattoush, to add a bit of healthy salad to the mix.

Whilst waiting for the mains, a basket of warm sesame seeded bread and dips were served. The bread was soft and delicious and enhanced with the tomato based dip and labneh (not bitter which i like) we had a few pieces (just a few as we knew we had big mains coming). The bread was that thick wholesome bread you would love to dip in a saucy curry.

Then came the Ayran., which is the Turkish version of laban.  At 20dhs its a bit steep, but it was lovely. Not too thick or too watery with the right amount of saltiness to not over thirst you.

Next came our mains. Iskendar, if you have never had it before,it is cubes of bread, with layers of doner kebab on top, a lovely rich tomato sauce and with yoghurt either on top or on the side (as it was for me). The yoghurt seemed generic but the rest of the plate was tender and delicious. For once I finished the plate before my friend who usually gobbles everything on site within 5 minutes. His Adana Kebap whilst looking plain was full of flavour in the soft pieces of lamb kebab. I didn’t try the rice but he had no complaints so it must have been good.

After resting our tummies, we ordered Turkish tea which was served using two teapots (one with the tea) and the other with the water to add to the glass. I have never had the tea served in this way even on my trips to Turkey but it was a nice end to our meal. We were a bit full by then to eat dessert, but they did look good.

Our meal came to 200dhs with 20% off as there was an offer at the time we went to the restaurant. Not overly cheap, but not extortionate for a filling meal in a very nice looking restaurant.

The restaurant website is

and you can find them:

Emirates Concord Hotel, Al Maktoom St. Deira, Dubai, Tel:04-252-2142