Pamper pamper

One of the great reasons for living in Dubai are the many salons and spas that allow us to pamper ourselves for a much cheaper price than in the UK. This pampering fest is appreciated more when you buy the Entertainer – a book full of vouchers to buy one get one free for different services from waxing, manicures, spa treatments, etc.

The choice of pampering is huge and varied. From posh spas in the top hotels to the dodgy salons in the alleyway.

If you follow me on twitter you will know that I have been testing a multitude of venues around Dubai each week. Predominately my research is based on manicure, pedicures, blow drys, hair cuts and massages.

Some have been surprisingly good like nail point in Dubai Marina and some incredibly poor such as Tchip (Ibis MOE) and the nail salon in Times Square; so bad that I can’t recall their name.

I have said for a while that I will review these places and I will do after I have finished my hair cut today at Raffles Hotel Amrita Spa (hair cut and blow dry).