There are many people whinging and protesting about various things globally right now, whether it be freedom, speeding fines or most importantly the end of Ubertwitter (for now). These are all serious matters but what about parsley? It infests dishes globally and tastes foul but yet no one has taken a stand against parsley since Carrie did in an episdoe of sex and the city (i cant find the episode on – bloody useless site).

Anyway there are loads of varities of the wretched thing but I have been forced to endure it mainly in England and the UAE.

In England, its used as a garnish and looks like this. The English type is usually a big twig of crap on the side or top of your dish. It looks fine, but the smell from it is gross and it never seems to go with the dish its garnishing. If it has been on some piece of your food, that piece of food will have a bit of the parsley smell and taste. It’s  bitter and horrible.


Then you have the middle east varitiey. This flat leaf parsley is used in dishes. Like loads of dishes such as tabbouleh. It’s bitter, it’s yuck and I don’t see why taste buds must be tortured. After five years in this region I’m clued up enough to know what Arabic dishes contain the wretched stuff so I can stay far away from it.



If you google receipes with parsley there are thousands out there. There is even a video that shows you how to chop parsley for some chicken dish. Chopped parsley is worse than the bunches of it. You can’t remove chopped parsley when its all over your food and you sound like a bitch if you tell them to take it back and remove the parsley. All they do is scrap the stuff off. That doesn’t help, you still can taste the parsley.

Supposedly parsley is good for getting rid of bad breath and aids digestion. If a man has bad breath and wants to snog me, dont bring that parsley filled mouth near me. Parsley tasting mouth is more disgusting than pork tasting mouth. And if you got digestion problems eat less crap.

I did research on this parsley hate thing and read an article that stated that if you dislike parsley it’s due to an incorrect enzyme in my body. Will I correct this enzyme issue. Nope. I’ll just stick to not eating the wretched stuff.

21 Feb 2011 – went out to Aroos Damasacus for @daddybird’s birthday dinner. Someone thought it would be funny to put a plate of tabboleouh in front of me. I was not amused :S