Winter of Discontent

From job dissatisfaction or insecurity, relationship failings, money issues and general unsettlement, there is an air of unhappiness which is darkening the sky.
Are we expecting more in our lives than we deserve. Shouldn’t we be satisfied with the things we have in our lives, whether it be material possessions, jobs, money, etc. We always seem to be striving for something unattainable instead of taking stock of what we have and being satisfied with it.

We seem to be striving for the high all the time instead of just being normal.  We get the highs such as going out partying, traveling to amazing places, having awe-inspiring shags with multiple people and buying expensive things to make us pretty, but its fleeting. We seem to forget these moments within a few seconds of experiencing them.

So many close friends of mine are unhappy for various reasons. I can give them advice, a bollocking or a shoulder to cry on, but none of this seems to solve the problem. The deep rooted issues have all risen up at the same time for us all and there doesn’t seem to be a way to get out of it.

But here’s a thought: are we being fashionably unhappy to show solidarity to the economic and political crisis enveloping this world?

Or will we get out of this slump when the sun comes back and Kate and Wills get married?

Something needs to happen soon to break us out of this cycle and I think that something is us.