New Start

I have decided to jump off the diving board and start a new venture. Decluttering.

If you know me, you will know that i’m an anal clean freak who likes to organise and clear up whereever i go. I have been known to go to friend’s houses and start cleaning up their mess while they chat.  I have decided to use these extraordinary skills to good use to help people in the UAE clear up their wardrobes, papers, anything and everything.

It’s still early days but over the next few weeks I will be testing the waters and seeing what you lot think of my crazy idea. Is it sane to step out of my corporate world box and do something so crazily anal?  Will I have any clients? Will I drive my twitter followers nuts with discussions on organising and IKEA boxes? All will be revealed.

I did amend this blog last night but on hindsight i have decided to start a new one just for the new venture.

For now let me know what you think of the name “Shelo’s Closet”. Catchy, twee or downright excellent? Also if you want to give helpful advice for a new start-up lady, it would be appreciated. 🙂