Apologies for the postings disappearance for a while. It was due to external dramas which were off the richter scale.

The major drama revolved around my work. The environment of my workplace involves yelling, screaming, blaming, backstabbing and general bullshit. And thats not even from me. As strong as I am it got to a point were one conference call of being screamed at, getting told I was shit at my job and being hung up on resulted in a migraine which lasted for a few days. This is not how life should be. This should not be how work is. But that is the current status quo. Admittedly there are things that are happening within the busines that are causing immense pressure to all and is high level, which therefore requires my input on a regular basis but to be yelled at as if I am a slave should not be included in my job description.

Friends and family are worried about me but what you do in this environment currently. I have been without a job before and its not great to be broke, desperate and needy in this town. If I am being honest I enjoy the work I do, I just don’t like the majority of people within the business who I have to work with. I am a lawyer by trade but I have now become a politician, shrink, food provider (for two guys in my department) and a punching bag. These elements were not included in my lawyer training.

But how do you change the environment and the way that people behave. Can you ever change them or do you need to move onto somewhere more appropriate for your sanity? How do you deal with uneducated, sexist, backward thinking men (the office is run 90% by men of a certain nationality, with me being the only woman in management)? Can they ever be shown how to behave in a corporate environment?

This week was better. I didn’t get too many blackberry messages ranting about something that I had done that was incredibly wrong in their eyes. I didn’t emails every half an hour from 5.30am requesting me to be in a spur of the moment conference call immediatley (my bb was on silent and I was sleeping so was therefore a failure for not being in a conference call at that time!). Although work life improved slightly, the powers that be decided that I was incapable of being the head of the department and advertised for someone to be the head. Demotion is kinda of a shitty feeling, but there is a huge part of me thankful and relieved that I will soon hopefully not have to deal with ridiculous incomprehensible and unreasonable phone calls, emails and bb messages 24 hours a day and I can go back to having a proper 10-6ish life. Here’s hoping.